Flatbed Carrier

Robinson Transport is an industry leader for flatbed carriers in Canada and the United States. With over 60 years of trucking experience Robinson’s has hauled it all and we offer a full range of flatbed transportation services, we understand the requirements and the needs for flatbed transportation shipments.

We have trailers in multiple configurations and specializations to easily handle any transport requirement in North America. These include tandem, Quebec and multi-axle trailers (flat-bed, sliders and rack kits) which gives us the ability to meet any of your needs, anywhere. Our commitment to our customers allows us to offer both long haul and regional work for our company drivers and owner operators. We’ll get your load to its destination using efficient strategies, helping you select the specific transport method that will help cut down on your costs and get your load there on time.

We own many of our trucks and enforce strict maintenance and service plans on all trucks operating for Robinson Transport. That goes for our driver training and safety programs as well. From strapping to chaining, our fleet of professional contractors and company drivers provide the expertise to safely move your most critical freight shipment.